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clarke condor floor scrubber

Advance Condor & Condor AXP/EcoFlex

Industrial Rider Floor Scrubber

The Nilfisk Advance Condor model is a battery powered riding floor scrubber machine. It provides up to a 48” wide cleaning path. Actual scrub rates are over 50,000 square feet per hour when traveling at 3.0 mph. Cylindrical brushes will scrub the floor and reach into grout lines or spacers. A curved vacuum squeegee retrieves dirty solution and wipes the floor clean.

A high speed scrub deck turns the cylindrical brushes at 600 rpm, or disk brushes at 225 rpm. Both press the brush to the floor with multiple pressure settings. This increases cleaning capability and reduces the need to scrub an area twice.

The Condor offers outstanding maneuverability for a large capacity scrubber. Operator control is superior to a walk behind scrubber or larger dry sweeper/wet scrubbers because the operator is positioned for better visibility.

List Price: $30,149.00 - $40,099.00
SALE Refurbished: $15,995.00 - $17,995.00
Advance Condor Advance Condor Advance Condor Advance Condor Advance Condor Advance Condor

Discontinued - See the Advance SC6500 Model Upgrade


clarke focus II midsize

Condor 4530 Cylindrical - 45" - x4 available - Mfg '12 - less than 300 hours - 60 days warranty!
+ Dual side brooms included with cylindrical models!
Price: $17,995.00 ea
SALE: $15,995.00

clarke focus II midsize

Condor 4530 Cylindrical + EcoFlex Option to Upgrade - SN: 1000045562 - Mfg '11 - 60 days warranty!
+ EcoFlex / AXP - Soap management system upgrade available!
Price: $19,495.00
SALE: $17,495.00
clarke focus II midsize

Condor 4830 Cylindrical - 48" - SN: 1000033213 - 2009 - 600 hours - 60 days warranty!
Price: $19,495.00
SALE: $17,495.00
Compare At: $32,000 New

clarke focus II midsize

Condor 4830 Cylindrical - 48" - SN: 1000051162 - 2010 - 60 days warranty!
Price: $19,995.00
SALE: $17,995.00
Compare At: $32,000 New

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Brand New Batteries

• Replacement of all wearables.

• Inspection and servicing of all machine parts and components including: bearings, gaskets, filters, and power cords.

• brushes in the electric motors are evaluated, and hydraulic motors are inspected and resealed.

• All aesthetics are addressed including tank scratches and dents, peeling decals, chipped paint and rust.

SHIPPING: Machines are refurbished to order - Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Caliber's 60 DAY WARRANTY: 2 months parts & labor warranty - if we happen to miss something it will show up within the first few weeks of use and we will take care of it!


• The large 70 gallon capacity tanks provide a greater coverage rate per hour than the coverage rate available with many competing manufacturers. Fewer stops for solution replacement means more productive time cleaning the floor.

Optional EcoFlex System: Operators can quickly and easily select the right blend of pad pressure, water and detergent to tackle any cleaning challenge. Here are just a few of the flexible cleaning modes:

- Water Only Perfect for removing surface dirt and maintaining the clean look of floors. Water-only mode eliminates the impact of detergents on the environment and reduces cleaning costs.

- Ultra-low Detergent Well suited for routine cleaning where a small amount of green certified detergent will do the trick. Water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck, eliminating solution waste.

- Standard Detergent The tough cleaning you expect. At standard detergent, pad pressure and flow rate, you’ll have a combination powerful enough to pull stubborn dirt, grease, and oil from surfaces.

- Burst of Power For deep, restorative cleaning or unexpected challenges. EcoFlex’s burst of power temporarily increases your machine’s pad pressure, detergent use and flow rate at the touch of a button.

• A "smart" controller that automatically matches on board water use with brush pressure levels. This is designed to minimize and control overall water usage and limit waste water treatment requirements.

• Features a green "GO" button for totally automatic operation Ease of use is a factor in all equipment selection. The featured "touch pad" control system provides simple one touch operation. Its' intuitive display makes training a new operator a snap. Similar designs are seen on all the Advance industrial rider and walk behind scrubbers making them the easiest to use cleaning machines in the marketplace.

• This scrubber also features a comfortable seat with an adjustable steering wheel. The solution flow, the scrub brushes, and the vacuum shut off when the machine has stopped, thus protecting your floor and products in the surrounding area from brush marks and uncontrolled solution feed.


Scrub Deck Styles available:
40 inch cleaning path with a cylindrical or disk style scrub deck.   Model 4030

45 inch cleaning path with a cylindrical or disk style scrub deck.   Model 4530

48 inch cleaning path with a cylindrical or disk style scrub deck.   Model 4830

What's the difference? Cylindrical vs Disk

 Fact Sheet
 Operator's Manual
 Parts Manual

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List Price:
Discontinued - See the Advance SC6500 Model Upgrade

$17,995.00 - $19,995.00

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